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In 1870, a group of men began envisioning a town and buying land after forming the Sayre Land Company. One of the first wooden structures ever built, The BriMarie Inn was erected as the original Sayre schoolhouse in 1872. The town grew rapidly, and within twenty years, the school was too small. As a result, it was moved by horses and logs in 1891 to it's current location of 119 S. Elmer Ave. It was fitted over to the Beach House which already existed on the property and opened as a hotel. For an unknown reason, the hotel struggled. So in an effort to attract the railroad workers and travelers, the structure was renamed as the New Park Hotel. Since 1891, this building has functioned as a bar, restaurant and hotel. The guest rooms are now named after historical figures that were a part of the Sayre Land Company and also after the farmers who sold their land for the town to be constructed.

After having many successful years as a hotel, the building began to fall into much disrepair. Sometime after the year 2000, the business closed it's doors and sat vacant. In August 2004, the structure was purchased and renovations began. A complete two year renovation has taken place and every inch of this structure has been restored back to the original beauty it once had. The BriMarie Inn now awaits your visit to share and experience this grand getaway filled with beauty, relaxation, and luxury.

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